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The European Policy Institutes Network comprises 41 renowned think tanks and policy institutes working on EU affairs from 27 European countries, including almost all EU member states as well as candidate countries. By engaging in joint projects, events and publications, EPIN aims to contribute to the debate on current EU issues, the future of European integration and provide a thorough understanding of national debates. 


The British question, European reform and the search for a fresh European narrative


Post-election political landscape in Europe



2014 European Parliament Elections



EPIN Newsletter

EPIN publishes a quarterly newsletter containing updates from the member institutes as well as information about recent publications and upcoming events. 

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EPIN-series on the EU Council Presidencies

In this special series of commentaries, EPIN researchers contribute with their analysis of the presidencies of the EU Council.  

Luxembourg (July-December 2015)
Balancing Priorities and Emergency Measures: Luxembourg’s Council Presidency
Vilde Renman & Sophia Russack, 15 January 2016

Latvia (January-June 2015)
Latvia’s EU Presidency: Less is more
Gerta Lezi & Steven Blockmans, 3 July 2015 

Greece (January-June 2014)
Rounding out a satisfactory Trio Presidency: Greece sets the stage for its Italian successor
Sonia Piedrafita & Caroline Conroy, 3 July 2014

Lithuania (July-December 2013)
Exceeding expectations, Lithuania moves the Trio presidency forward
Sonia Piedrafita & Vilde Renman, 22 January 2014  

Ireland (January-June 2013)
Ireland gets the new Trio Presidency off to a propitious start
Sonia Piedrafita, 28 August 2013

Cyprus (July-December 2012) 
The Cyprus Presidency: Pragmatism amid European anxiety
Steven Blockmans & Thomas Linders, 24 January 2013

Poland (July-December 2011) 
Polish Council Presidency 2011: Ambitions and Limitations
Piotr Maciej Kaczyński, 20 December 2011

Czech Republic (January-June 2009)
What can be expected from the Czech EU Presidency?
David Král, 12 January 2009