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Great Britain

Centre for European Reform, London

Senior Research Fellow: Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska
E-mail: agata[at]

The Centre for European Reform is a European think-tank with its head office in London and an office in Brussels. It seeks to achieve an open, outward-looking, influential and prosperous European Union; and a mutually beneficial relationship between the EU and the UK. The strength of our research team was recognised by Prospect magazine, which awarded the CER its prize for the best UK-based international affairs think-tank in 2017. 

The EU badly needs reform, while the UK’s ties with it need serious and sensible analysis. The CER focuses on the trials and tribulations of the eurozone; on the EU’s single market and its energy and trade policies; on its foreign, defence and security policies – including the EU’s relations with its neighbours, and with Russia and China; the challenge of populism; on the way the Union handles refugees and migration; on law-enforcement and counter-terrorism in the EU; and on improving how the Unions institutions work and relate to voters.

The CER also aims to make practical and constructive proposals for the UK’s future links with the EU. We favour as close as possible an economic and political relationship between the UK and the EU, while respecting the result of the referendum. Our job is to make the case for the best possible deal, that is to say one which – within the parameters set by the realities of European and British politics –  maximises economic ties and other types of co-operation, including on foreign policy, defence and security. 

The CER’s work is guided by sober, rigorous and realistic analysis, combined with constructive proposals for reform – the same principles that have served us well since our foundation in 1998.

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