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EDAM Center for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies, Istanbul

Secretary General: Zeynep Basaran
E-mail: zbasaran[at]

The Centre for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies (EDAM) is an Istanbul based independent think-tank. EDAM’s main areas of research are: Foreign policy and security, Arms control & Non-proliferation, Cyber governance and Digital democracy, Energy and climate change, Economics and globalization.

EDAM aims to contribute to the policy making process within and outside Turkey by producing and disseminating research on the policy areas that are shaping Turkey’s position within the emerging global order. EDAM undertakes in-depth policy research in aforementioned areas and holds roundtables and conferences, bringing together a unique network of members from multiple sectors of Turkish society, including academia, civil society, media and business. This diversified representation enables EDAM to create a productive and effective platform, through which different visions and perspectives directly interact. EDAM has no affiliation with any political party, government or corporate entity. It receives no regular funding from any donor. Instead the think tank relies on project-based funding, grants and institutional donations to carry out its projects, and hence maintains its institutional independence. EDAM also cooperates with its partner institutions in EU Member States on joint research and publication activities.

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