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Institute of International Relations and Political Sciences, Vilnius

Head of Research and Public Affairs Department Insititute of International Relations and Political Science.

Vilius Mačkinis
E-mail: vilius.mackinis[at]

Director Insititute of International Relations and Political Science: Margarita Šešelgytė
E-mail: margarita.seselgyte[at]


Institute of International Relations and Political Science (IIRPS) at Vilnius University is one of the most prominent social sciences institutions in Eastern Europe and the Baltic region. The Institute is an academic institution specializing in social and political sciences. IIRPS holds a faculty status at Vilnius University. The Institute has been educating a new generation of intellectual elite in Lithuania for more than 25 years. The young generation that is curious, socially active, oriented towards universal education and possessing minds of wide scope. After the establishment in 1992, the Institute has quickly become one of the leading social sciences institutions and was one of the first in the Baltic region to develop a political science program. Soon after that it grew into an active actor in the academia as well as the society.

The Institute is proud to have gathered together a number of prominent experts on national, European and international politics who are renowned for their competent and original public commentaries, expert knowledge and professional experience. Our experts conduct both critical analysis of contemporary social science issues, political philosophy, international relations, and policy oriented research, for example, in policy administration and public policy analysis. They have contributed extensively to the analysis of Lithuania’s accession into the EU and NATO and its role in these organizations and other international structures, country’s relationships with its neighbours in the region, including Nordic-Baltic countries, Poland as well as Eastern partners.

IIRPS conducts three-level studies: BA in Political Science and six MA Master programmes: International Relations and Diplomacy, European Studies, Studies of Contemporary Politics, Public Policy Analysis, Politics and Media and Eastern European and Russian Studies (the latter taught in English). We also conduct full time and external PhD studies.

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