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Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Budapest

Director: Mr. Márton Schőberl

H-1016 Budapest, Bérc street 13-15
+36 (1) 279 5700

EPIN Liaison officer:
Sándor Gyula Nagy
Academic Director


The Hungarian Institute of International Affairs seeks to make a contribution to tackling the very considerable challenge facing all post-socialist societies: formulating a coherent foreign policy in the context of regained autonomy of action and the Hungarian commitment to European integration, while promoting open and free discussion about issues and trends in international affairs.

Employing a small, but dedicated community of researchers specializing in various regions, policy sectors and theoretical approaches, the Institute is aiming to become the source of academically solid analyses on both current affairs and larger processes in international politics. Surveying key players in the system as well as our broader and our immediate neighbourhood, the Institute provides information on most major factors impacting Hungarian foreign policy – while remaining committed to fostering cooperation among the European and especially among the East-Central European scholarly and expert communities, with a view to becoming a partner in the ongoing construction of common European policies, initiatives and research.

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