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Political Capital

Director: Dr. Peter Krekó


Political Capital is an independent, non-partisan policy research and consulting institute based in Budapest, Hungary. We are committed to the guiding principles of liberal democracy, market economy, human rights and Euro-Atlanticism. With the creation of analytical content, quantitative and qualitative policy research, and organizing substantial debates, we want to

  • promote critical political thinking and increase understanding for politics,
  • raise awareness about political issues that have an impact on citizen’s everyday life even if indirectly, and
  • contribute to and develop a critical public discourse and policy making that is based on knowledge and evidence.

Holding decades of experience, Political Capital is specifically known for researching and tackling

Our institute has developed an extended network of both domestic and international partners that has helped us to become an influential think tank in the CEE region.

Executive director: Tamas Boros


Equilibrium Institute is the largest non-partisan think-tank in Hungary focusing on drafting policy proposals and organizing debates on the future of Hungary and the broader region.
In 2020, the Equilibrium Institute published its political, economic, and social vision of Hungary entitled Hungary 2030 – A Future Vision for Hungarians. This publication presents the main challenges faced by Hungary on its way to becoming a more prosperous and happier country.
Since the release of its vision, and in line with the content of that vision, the think tank is developing policy papers in various domains, domains that it considers to be essential for the future of Hungary and the region.
Our goal is to ensure that the current and future political and economic decision-makers learn about our recommendations, come to agree with them and implement them.
The work of the Equilibrium Institute centres on six main activities:

  • We draft political, economic, and cultural future visions to renew Hungarian political thinking.
  • We draft detailed policy proposals and strategies.
  • We organise specialised events and programs and release our own publications to widely disseminate our research results.
  • We provide training for the new generations who are active in policy-making or implementation.
  • We are engaged in an ongoing dialogue with the most important political, economic, and cultural decision-makers. We persuade them of the importance of implementing our policy proposals and we provide expert assistance in the process of policy implementation.
  • We are engaged in EU level dialogues on the future of Europe and European integration.

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