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German Council on Foreign Relations, Berlin

Head of Program: Roderick Parkes


The German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) is Germany’s network for foreign policy. As an independent, nonpartisan, and nonprofit membership organization, think tank, and publisher the DGAP has been promoting public debate on foreign policy in Germany for over 65 years.

DGAP’s Research Institute conducts action-oriented, practical research. Its more than 30 experts develop concrete solutions for pressing foreign policy concerns and contribute expertise to strategically address the challenges of an increasingly unstable world. DGAP’s Research Institute sees itself as a consultant, mediator, and driver of operative foreign policy. DGAP’s core themes are (1) International order and democracy, (2) Security and defense, (3) Geo-economics, (4) Technology and digitization (5) Migration.

DGAP, a non-profit association, has more than 2,800 members who are committed to its goals. Those who are interested in foreign policy and under the age of 35 can join Young DGAP. Its more than 900 members value the unique opportunities for knowledge-sharing and networking that it provides. Seven regional forums actively facilitate debate on current foreign policy topics throughout Germany – from Hamburg to Munich, Düsseldorf to Dresden – and on to Brussels.

The DGAP publishes the bi-monthly foreign policy magazines “Internationale Politik” and “IP Quarterly”.


German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Berlin

Deputy Head of Research Division EU/Europe: Nicolai von Ondarza

The German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) is an independent research institute that advises the German Bundestag and the German government on questions concerning international politics and foreign and security policy. SWP also advises decision-makers in international organisations relevant to Germany, above all the European Union, NATO and the United Nations. SWP is one of Europe’s leading think tanks in the field of international relations.

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