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Institut Montaigne, Paris

Head of Europe Programme: Georgina Wright

Institut Montaigne is a nonprofit, independent think tank based in Paris, France. Its mission is to shape political debates and decision making in France and Europe by bringing together leaders from a diverse range of backgrounds (government, civil society, corporations, academia) and by producing rigorous analysis based on international benchmarking and evidence-based research.

Institut Montaigne promotes a balanced vision of society, in which open and competitive markets go hand in hand with equality of opportunity and social cohesion. Central to its work are its strong commitment to representative and participatory democracy on the one hand, and European sovereignty and integration on the other.

Institut Montaigne has a public policy hub, mostly working on domestic issues, and an international affairs hub, focusing on strengthening Europe and understanding its relationship with the world. We work on geopolitics, Africa and the Middle East, and we have dedicated programs for Asia, Europe, Germany and the United States. We also have a Digital Program and a Healthcare Policy Program that cut across both hubs.

In addition to its publications, Institut Montaigne organizes 150 events per year, produces quantitative analyses of electoral programs (since the French presidential elections of 2012) and pilots an online university course that proposes a free certified training on artificial intelligence.

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