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Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs, Nicosia

President: Andreas Theophanous
E-mail: theophanous.a[at]
Senior Fellow: Thanos Koulos
E-mail: koulos.t[at]

Our Mission

The Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs, which is affiliated with the University of Nicosia, is an independent, non-profit organization, whose mission is to advance multi-disciplinary, scholarly and policy-oriented research, provide advisory services and promote open debate with the objective of addressing problems and challenges at the national, regional, European and international level.

Grand Objective

The Center seeks to actively contribute to addressing the multidimensional challenges Cyprus is facing today, to advancing peaceful coexistence and fruitful cooperation throughout this island-state and to enabling the Republic of Cyprus to have a constructive role in the region, the EU and the international community.


  • to establish the Center as the leading multi-disciplinary policy development think tank in Cyprus with broader visibility and influence.
  • to produce independent analysis of critical local, regional and international challenges.
  • to provide advisory services to government and the business community.
  • to suggest new sources of economic growth in Cyprus through the use of a rigorous and innovative approach to geopolitical, economic and social analysis.
  • to develop a non-partisan platform for open debate between the government, the business community, academia and civil society with the aim to produce solutions to major societal challenges in Cyprus and beyond.

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