EPIN Project on the British Balance of Competence Reviews


"The British question, European reform and the search for a fresh European narrative"


This project is based upon on the ongoing exercise "The British Balance of Competence Reviews" launched by the British government to undertake a comprehensive review of the competences of the European Union. This will ultimately amount to 32 reviews, covering all EU policies, to be released progressively until early 2015. The project wishes to analyse these reviews, discuss the British Question from the perspectives of other EU member states, and focus on wider questions related to an overall reform agenda for the EU.


7-8 October 2015: The UK and the EU: Simulating the agendas for EU reform" (in cooperation with the Bertelsmann Foundation, CEPS, Brussels)

28 October 2013: The British Question, EU Reform and the search for a fresh European narrative (CEPS, Brussels)


"Will Cameron get what he wants? Anticipating reactions to Britain’s EU reform proposals" by Steven Blockmans and Stefani Weiss. This Commentary is the result of work on the project “The UK and the EU: Simulating the agendas for EU reform” conducted jointly by the Bertelsmann Stiftung and CEPS.

"British Balance of Competence Reviews, Part III: More reform than renegotiation or repatriation" by Michael Emerson, Graham Avery, Miroslav Beblavý, Arno Behrens, Steven Blockmans, Hugo Brady, Alžběta Hájková, Karel Lannoo and Jorge Núñez Ferrer.

"United Kingdom and the European Union: What would a “Brexit” mean for the EU and other States around the World? European and Global Perspectives" edited by Almut Möller and Tim Oliver (DGAP)

"British Balance of Competence Reviews, Part II: Again, a huge contradiction between the evidence and Eurosceptic populism" by M. Emerson, S. Blockmans, S. Peers and M. Wriglesworth

"Cameron's reality check on Europe" by Michael Emerson (CEPS)

"Why trying to keep the Germans close on EU competences is risky for Britain" by Almut Möller (DGAP)

"British Balance of Competence Reviews, Part I: 'Competences about right, so far'" by Michael Emerson and Steven Blockmans (CEPS)