Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM)

PISM Director: Dr. Marcin Zaborowski

PISM Deputy Director: Anna Zielińska-Rakowicz

EPIN Contact Person: 

Karolina Borońska-Hryniewiecka

Tel: +48 22 556 80 00
Email: boronska-hryniewiecka@pism.pl

The Warsaw-based Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM) is a leading Central European think tank. It provides support to decision-makers on a full range of international affairs. One of the institute’s six thematic programmes, the EU Programme, coordinated by Roderick Parkes, produces research to support Poland’s European engagement. Programme research currently focuses on four questions: how can Poland best shape its relations with key European partners (including Germany, France, UK, the Visegrad and Baltic states and Turkey); what are the strategic opportunities and risks of engagement in selected EU policy areas (eurozone and economic integration, political union, ENP, CFSP, JHA and energy policy); how to deal with constraints such as differentiated integration, austerity or pooling and sharing, and “more-for-more”; and how to legitimise the results (common institutions, populism, 2014 European elections)?

The EU Programme team consists of the following analysts:

Nathan Dufour (France), Elżbieta Kaca (France and the Eastern Partnership) and Patryk Toporowski (EU economic affairs). 

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