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Austrian Institute for International Affairs, Vienna 


Barcelona Centre for International Affairs, Barcelona


Carnegie Europe, Brussels 


Centre for European Affairs, Bratislava:


Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels:


Centre for European Reform, London:


Centre for Liberal Strategies, Sofia 


Centre for Public Policy - Providus, Riga 


Clingendael Institute, The Hague:


Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs, Nicosia

  • The Cyprus Economy at a Crossroads: Coming Out of the Crisis, Theophanous A, Policy Papers Series No. 1/2013
  • The Wider Scope of Higher Education In Cyprus, Theophanous A, Antoniou K and Christou S, No 2/2013
  • Security in the Context of a Solution of the Cyprus Problem, George Kentas, 2013


Danish Institute for International Studies, Copenhagen:


    EDAM Center for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies, Istanbul:


     Egmont Institute, Brussels:


    ELCANO Royal Institute, Madrid:


    ELIAMEP Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy, Athens:


    Estonian Foreign Policy Institute, Tallinn


    European Institute, Sofia 



    European Institute of Romania, Bucharest:


    Europeum Institute for European Policy, Prague


    Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Helsinki:


     French Institute of International Relations, Paris and Brussels  


    German Council on Foreign Relations, Berlin 


    German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Berlin 


    Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Budapest 


    Institute of International Affairs and Centre for Small State Studies, Reykjavik 


    Institute of International and European Affairs, Dublin:


    Institute of International Relations, Prague:


    Institute of International Relations and Political Sciences, Vilnius 


    Institute of Public Affairs, Warsaw:


    Istituto Affari Internazionali, Rome 


    Latvian Institute of International Affairs, Riga


    Macedonian Centre for European Training, Skopje


    Notre Europe, Paris:


    Polish Institute of International Affairs, Warsaw


    Research Institute for European and American Studies, Athens:


    Slovak Foreign Policy Association, Bratislava


    Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies, Stockholm:

    Think Tank EUROPA, Copenhagen


    University of Copenhagen - Centre for European Politics, Copenhagen 

    • The Internal Market Policy and the Common Agricultural Policy: the normalization of EU policy-making in Denmark, Peter Nedergaard in Lee Miles and Anders Wivel (eds.) Denmark and the European Union, London: Routledge, p. 30-47, 2013
    • EU coordination processes in Denmark: change in order to preserve, Peter Nedergaard, in Lee Miles and Anders Wivel (eds.) Denmark and the European Union. London: Routledge, p. 203-217, 2013
    • The comparative study of European politics: a distinctively European field of political science? Ben Rosamond, Perspectives on Europe 43(1) p. 72-78, 2013
    • 'Normative power Europe' meets economic liberalism: Complicating cosmopolitanism inside/outside the EU, Owen Parker and Ben Rosamond, Cooperation and Conflict 48(2) p. 229-246, 2013
    • European Diplomats: State Nobility and the Invention of New Social Groups, Rebecca Adler-Nissen in Niilo Kauppi & Mikael Rask Madsen (eds.) Transnational Power Elites: The New Professionals of Governance, Law and Security. London: Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, p. 65-80, 2013
    • The Democratic Challenges of the EU Presidency after the Lisbon Treaty, M.B Christensen & Julie Hassing Nielsen, 2013
    • The elephant in the room: mapping the latent communication pattern in European Union studies, Mads Dagnis Jensen & Peter Marcus Kristensen, Journal of European Public Policy 20(3) 2013
    • Transgovernmental Networks in the European Union: Improving Compliance Effectively? Mogens Hobolth & Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen, Journal of European Public Policy, 2013
    • Can a Small Non-Euro Member State Holding the EU Presidency Make a Difference in Times of EU Economic Crisis? Perspectives on the Danish EU Presidency, J H Nielsen & M B Christensen, Polish Yearbook of European Studies Vol YPES 15/2012, 2013
    • Theorizing the European Union after Integration Theory, Ben Rosamond in Michelle Cini & Nieves Pérez-Solórzano Borragán (eds.) European Union Politics, 4th edition, Oxford: Oxford University Press, p. 85-102, 2013


    University of Ljubljana - Centre of International Relations, Ljubljana


    WiseEuropa, Warsaw