University of Copenhagen - Centre for European Politics (CEP)


Director: Professor Marlene Wind

Vice-Director: Professor Ben Rosamond 

Research Coordinator: Majka Holm

Tel.: +45 35 32 34 33 


Centre for European Politics (CEP) was established in October 2007 at the Department of Political Science at the University of Copenhagen with the aim of strengthening and focusing research within Europe-related areas, in particular research on European politics.

Key objectives:

  • To create a strong interdisciplinary research environment on issues shaping contemporary Europe
  • Be a hub in Scandinavia and Northern Europe for research on Europe and the EU
  • Disseminate research based knowledge to students and the broader public


The research at CEP can be divided into four broad areas, which together constitutes the framework for the cutting-edge research on the EU and Europe carried out at the Centre:

  • EU’s political system and institutional development
  • The external role of the EU
  • Europeanization, implementation and states’ – especially Denmark’s – relationship with the EU
  • Fundamental problems of political science in the understanding of Europe’s development and European integration


The team of researchers at CEP comprises professors, associate and assistant professors, and a number of PhD fellows.

Other activities:

The centre organises conferences, workshops and research seminars, as well as study trips to Brussels for students with an interest in European Studies. Moreover, the Centre publish a quarterly newsletter, and many of the researchers at CEP contribute to the public debate as experts in the media, and give public lectures. 


CEP is a driving force in the University of Copenhagen's interdisciplinary initiative on European Research, EURECO, and has an extensive cooperation with both Centre for Modern European Studies at the Faculty of Humanities and with iCourts Centre of Excellence for International Courts at the Faculty of Law.   Nationally CEP co-operates with other Danish Universities and research centres, and it is a member of the Danish European Community Studies Association. Internationally CEP has an wide-ranging network both among universities, think tanks and research institutes across the globe. 


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